Our Story

How clean is your bed, really? Could your natural reaction to hidden dirt and dust mites be affecting your wellbeing?

Nothing is more important to our health and wellbeing than a good night’s sleep, and the beds we sleep in could be the very things that stop us from getting the most from our downtime. Whether you have allergies or not, the every-day build-up of dust and skin cells in your pillows and mattresses will cause breathing problems at night, leaving you feeling more tired than you should be.

And how about your children? Are their whole lives being affected by allergies or poor sleep?

This was the case with Tracy and Charlie Wright whose 7-year-old daughter suffers from acute dust mite allergies. She would wake up every morning feeling congested and exhausted. It was making her life a misery. Her school work suffered, she didn’t have the energy to socialise with her friends, and Tracy and Charlie were spending more and more of their time visiting GPs, specialists, and pharmicists to try to find her some relief.

Prescription drugs could provide some respite, but it was clear to her parents that they had to do more to address the underlying causes of their daughter’s problems rather than depend on constant treatment.

Prevention is better than a cure!

Charlie threw himself into investigating the main causes of her allergies, and it soon became abundantly clear that dust and other irritants in her bed were behind the majority of her problems. If they could make sure her bed was as free from allergens as possible, her sleep could immediately improve and she could enjoy a much better quality of life.

With the help of Tracy’s background in healthcare, Charlie soon discovered this was an issue that affected not only allergy sufferers, but pretty much everyone! By finding an effective, chemical free way to remove dust, mites, and other debris from our beds, we could all enjoy a better night’s sleep and all the benefits that came with it.

Breathing a sigh of relief

While it took some time to discover exactly what would work, Charlie was pleasantly surprised to learn that the technology they needed had already existed for quite some time. It had just never been combined in the right way to offer a comprehensive treatment.

His biggest discovery was a special piece of equipment used by hospitals to sanitise beds after use: a germicidal light (UVC). Used together with a vacuum filter system, they finally had a way to effectively treat their daughters bed. Even after the first night, the results were staggering. However, being of a scientific mindset, Charlie and Tracy decided to keep testing the system and applied it again in 3 months intervals. Each time, there was a very marked improvement in their daughters health and quality of sleep.

Speaking with family friend, Gary Harrod, Charlie soon realised the new method had both commercial and health applications way beyond their own personal experiences, and the CleanMyBed franchise was born!

Since then, the service has grown and grown in popularity in South Africa, and evolved way beyond what might be seen as a simple cleaning service. It has become a lifestyle choice for both households and accommodation providers who want to take the next step in ensuring the wellness of their family and guests.

Read on to discover exactly how the CleanMyBed service works……