What We Do

How CleanMyBed works is very simple, but its effects can be profound.

It’s all about providing customers with the wellbeing and peace of mind that comes from sleeping in a really clean, allergen-free bed. From a better night’s sleep comes a better waking life, including more focus and energy, better performance at work or at school, and improved mood and general health.

Our service compromises of 2 processes:

Step 1 – the removal of the natural build-up of discarded skin cells, dust mite fecal matter and other debris from within the mattress with HEPA filtered vacuum technology.

Step 2 – use germicidal light (UVC) to sanitise the bed and neutralise remaining contaminants.


This offers customers a solution which is:

Chemical free | Non-invasive | Quick & affordable | Dry | Eco-friendly

This is all mainstream equipment that has already been around for decades. There’s no big secret, no dubious magical ingredient – just an effective, affordable service that is based on proven scientific methods. One that is easy for you to replicate with the right supplies and training!

“Highly recommend!
Was so impressed with the whole process!

Can’t believe what came out of the mattresses!”

“Amazing service, quick, effortless and non-intrusive.

I would highly recommend including this into your household hygiene and maintenance plan!”

“This is a must for allergy sufferers but also anyone needing a good clean bed – you won’t believe what lives/accumulates in there!!

I highly recommend using them.”