Who we’re looking for

While what you can offer as a CleanMyBed Ambassador does not require any previous experience, and can be easily learnt from our training, this is a premium and very personal service. You will be going into people’s homes and will need to be someone that can trust and open their private spaces to.

Also, while we can offer you a pre-packaged business model which includes everything you need to run your own rewarding business, your success still very much comes down to you and how much hard work you put into it.

For these reasons, we are looking for Ambassadors who:

Are enthusiastic and 100% committed to building their own business

Are dedicated team players who are willing to learn our systems

Have the ambition and dedication necessary to make the business model work

Are naturally confident in approaching people

Have great communication skills and a natural affinity for sales

Are highly organised and have great time management skills

Above all, you need to be able to perform the service in such a way that your customers will always invite you back. You need to believe in the service you are offering, and display the same empathy, authenticity and trust that has made our current Ambassadors so successful.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make the most of this fantastic franchise opportunity, then please get in touch!