Why Choose Franchising?

Why we franchised

The concept and method behind CleanMyBed started out as a personal mission for founders Charlie and Tracy – a way to help their daughter manage her allergies and finally get a good night’s sleep. However, it was obvious that our processes had huge potential beyond this, both as a business concept and as a way to help others achieve the same results and improve their lives for the better.

We choose franchising as our route to introduce this to the world because we believe it is the best way to attract the right kind of people to our brand and to grow it in a sustainable, ethical and scalable way. We want to give people the opportunity to run their own successful businesses, not just because it aligns with our own values and experiences, but also because we want partners who have the same personal interest and commitment to the brand that we have.

The benefits to you

Going into business for yourself is never easy. Even with the best product in the world, and a first class will to succeed, it is still tough out there! There are countless pitfalls and obstacles along the way to building your own successful business, and it is a sad fact that most new businesses simply don’t make it.

Whether you have run your own business before, or just have the ambition of working for yourself, the decision to spend your hard earned money on a new venture that might not even succeed is not one to be taken lightly. Fortunately, there is another way to achieve all the same goals with fewer of the same risks: franchising!

Franchising has become one of the most popular and successful ways for individuals like you to get a head start in building their own business, and for good reason. By working together with us at the CleanMyBed franchise, you can enjoy a number of advantages compared to going it alone, including:

An incredible head start

– our experience and expertise will help you start successfully trading right from day one.

A tried and tested product

– we’ve already put in all the research and groundwork necessary to make this a success, meaning its pre-packaged and ready to roll.

Greatly reduced risk

– around two thirds of new business fail within their first three years, compared to just 10% of new franchises.

The best of both worlds

– being your own boss, but also being part of a larger organisation that can support you and help you whenever you need it.